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Honour board

The Dalemain Australian Marmalade Award Winners


Homemade division


Overall Winner

Rueben Kooperman - Marmalade with Native Fruits

Best Presented

Sue Mulder

Seville Orange Marmalade

Catherine Schmidli

Marmalade with Native Fruits
Rueben Kooperman

Marmalade with Alcohol

Rebecca Lim

Any other citrus

Rebecca Lim


Homemade division

Julie Rubenhold - Seville orange and yuzu marmalade

Artisan division

Irene Noakes of 'Gourmet to Go' - Ruby grapefruit marmalade


Homemade division

Reuben Koopermann - Tangelo and Sullivan’s Cove Malt Whisky

Artisan division (joint winners)

Larder & Spade - Seville orange marmalade

and Gourmet to Go - Seville orange marmalade


Homemade division

Beverley Harper - Seville and poorman’s orange marmalade

Artisan division

Davia Smith of ‘Davia’s Kitchen’ Ortanique citrus marmalade


Homemade division

Marika Freeman - Orange Marmalade

Artisan division

George Sharp of ‘Tara Valley Foods’ Grapefruit marmalade


Homemade division

Martina Taeker - Pina colada marmalade

Artisan division

Suzy Gilbert of ‘Dulwitches’ Orange and Whisky

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