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Marmalade Champion shares top tips

Reuben Kooperman at the 2019 Australian Marmalade Awards

2019 Homemade Marmalade Champion, Reuben Kooperman, has been featured on the SBS Food Channel, sharing his secrets to marmalade success.

“If you want to make a great wine you need great fruit and you need to take care. It’s the same if you want to make a great marmalade, you need really good fruit,” he told reporters.

Last year Reuben won three gold medals as well as the homemade Championship award at the Australian Marmalade Awards. He went on to win a further three gold medals at the World Marmalade Awards.

“I've had a fantastic 12 months of marmalade,” he says.

Learn more about Reuben's success, and other marmalade top tips, in the article here:


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