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A world of marmalade

The World’s Original Marmalade Awards were founded in 2005 by Jane Hasell-McCosh of Dalemain Mansion, Cumbria, with the aim of preserving and growing one of the most traditional of customs – making your own marmalade.

Judged by official Women’s Institute preserve judges, the first competition received 60 entries, but word soon spread and year upon year the numbers continue to grow. The Awards have generated a following far beyo

nd Jane’s wildest expectations and have humour and a life of their own. Over 3,000 entries are received each year, from over 40 countries including Japan, Australia, Lebanon, Canada, South Africa, Kenya, South Korea and Colombia. Guests of honour include HRH the Prince of Wales, and Paddington Bear is a patron, attending the Festival every year. The Awards have raised over £250,000 for hospice care worldwide.

Following years of British-Australian marmalade competitions as part of the Awards, an Australian Marmalade Festival was created in partnership with the National Trust of South Australia. This festival celebrates the bond the National Trust has with Dalemain Mansion and their shared love for heritage and, of course, marmalade!

A visit to the Festival in 2017 by the Ambassador of Japan led to the launch of their own sister Festival in Ehime, Japan in 2019. Over 1,600 entries were received and sponsors of the event included Fortnum & Mason, Japan Airlines, and AoHata, one of the oldest marmalade producers in Japan. Thousands of visitors came to Yawatahama to see the announcement of the winner.

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Images courtesy of Dalemain Estate


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