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Welcome to the Australian Marmalade Awards

The Australian Marmalade Awards do more than celebrate that well-loved preserve we spread on our morning toast. They celebrate our cultural heritage, reinstating the art of preserving as a tradition that is still relevant today.

The Australian Marmalade Awards are coming to Birregurra in 2023, where the art of preserving (no pun intended) and showcasing the best of our heritage, including the art of marmalade making using recipes passed down from generation to generation are celebrated and showcased. Slaving over a hot stove to produce a delicious tangy preserve appeals to young and old the world over. Citrus fruits from every backyard, from Birregurra to Ballarat are on our doorstep to provide delicious fruit for the production of all sorts of exotic combination. There is still a vocal minority that believes that the classic Seville is the best and only ‘real’ marmalade, so be daring and source this delicious orange! We encourage you to hunt down your favourite fruit!

From its European origins as a lolly-like quince paste served as a digestif; to its central place in the traditional English breakfast; to its spreading to all parts of the globe on many a British colonial vessel, marmalade has become a world-wide tradition, which is now being rediscovered through the Australian Marmalade Awards.


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